How to Use Website

A Social Narrative to Help You Navigate the Website

After the website opens to the Home page, I will read the menu options at the top of the page.  I can take as long as I want to look over each menu option and I can choose which one I want to see.  The menu options will be available on every page I press.  I can change what menu option I want to use anytime.

Explanation of Each Menu Option

Home: The Home Page is the first page I see.

About Today's Autistic Moment: This page will tell me what Today's Autistic Moment is about and who is the owner, producer and host.

How to Use Website: Is this page I am reading.

Future Shows: This page provides a list of shows that are coming up. Each show has a title, a description and a small guest bio.

Do's and Dont's: This page explains what Philip does and does not do on Today's Autistic Moment. I will read this carefully to understand what Philip does or does not do.  If I want to be a sponsor or a guest, I must agree to the terms on this page.

Autistic Voices: This page is about Autistic Voices Roundtable Discussions. The page tells me about what the roundtable discussions are, what topics will be discussed on what new roundtable discussions.  There are links so that I can watch past shows. A transcript for each show is also provided.  I will read carefully about upcoming roundtable discussion.  Participating in roundtable discussions is completely voluntary.  I can consider being a panelist and send an email to Philip, or I can decide that I do not want to be a panelist.  

Adult Autism Resources Links Page: This page contains many links to resources that could be very helpful.  I can choose to click on any link to find the information I want to read.

Blog: This page is for blogs that Philip writes on various occassions.  I can select what blog post I want to read.

Autistic Podcasters Assocation: This page is about the creation of an International Podcasters Association.  I can read the information on this page and make a decision what I want to do with it.

Autistic Community Bulletin Board: This page has annoucements about events and opportunities for Autistic Adults.  I can look over the annoucements and select a website link if I want more information.

Contact Us: I can use this page to contact Philip to ask any question I want about Today's Autistic Moment.  I can also send messages about what I like or do not like.  I will be kind and respectful when I write a message to Philip. He is also Autistic so I will be mindful of what supports he might need.

Reviews: I can send Philip a review of my experience with listening to the podcast, reading through this website or any other comment I feel would be useful. I will be respectful and thoughtful.

Subscribe: I can click on this link to subscribe to any podcast app so that I may listen to Today's Autistic Moment.

Support Today's Autistic Moment: I can click on this to be taken to Philip's Patreon Page where I can donate $1.00 or more to support the work of the podcast.  Donating to the podcast is voluntary.  If I can donate I will help Philip continue the work of the podcast.  If I cannot donate, it is okay.

Directions to Listen to an Episode

If I want to listen to an episode I will click or tap on the title.  A new page will appear with a description of the episode.  To read the transcript I will tap or click on the downward arrow inside the lightly colored purple box at the bottom of the Logo for Today's Autistic Moment.  A picture of the logo with the box is below.  The arrow is circled in red.