Do's & Don't's Page

Here is a list of what I do and don't do on the Today's Autistic Moment podcast.


I do support all Autistic Adults

I want to be very upfront and clear so as to avoid as many misunderstandings as I possibly can.

I do talk slowly on the show.
There are Autistic Adults for whom it can take 5-20 seconds to comprehend what is said. I talk slowly to make this podcast as accessible as possible.
I am also an Autistic Adult who lives with ADHD and like to take a few moments to refocus on what I am saying and stay on track.

I do talk about Autistic Adults and the Autistic Culture in a positive way.

I do use identity first language (such as Autistic Adults, Autistic individuals, etc.).

I do respect the preference of Autistic individuals to use person first language (ie. a person with Autism) or identity first (ie. Autistic Adult) language that works best for them.
There will be guests who may use one, the other or both.

I do support the right of every Autistic Adult to fidget or stim (in private and/or in public), use noise cancelling headphones, wear clothing textures, eat food textures, find calming spaces and exercise behaviors that do not harm themselves or others: which best supports their sensory processing needs so that Autistic Adults can live comfortably and with pride in who we are.

I do support the right of every Autistic indidiual to be free from the fear of physical, emotional and sexual abuse, and financial exploitation from any person, including law enforcement, family members, the medical community, the mental health community and the general public.

I do support better health care opportunities, community produces and support services for Autistic Adults at every stage of their life.

I do work for a more inclusive society for Autistic Adults of all ages regardless of race, language, sexual orientation, gender, transgender including nonbinary, physical and mental disabilities, religion or no religion at all, as well as our caregivers and supporters.

I do interviews that talk about public policy to help Autistic individuals to be better accepted and accommodated.


I don't support the social status-quo that Autistic people are a deficit and should not be accepted and should be "fixed," "cured" or "healed."

I don't accept the myth that Autism is caused by immunizations.

I don't use the words Asperger's Syndrome or Pervasive Developtmental Disorder per the Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM-5) approved by the American Psychiatric Association in 2013.

I don't support the most recent update to the DSM-5 in March 2022 that suggests that Autism is "over-diagnosed" and limits who can be diagnosed.

I don't accept the use of high functioning or low functioning labels for Autistic people.
When someone refers to an Autistic person as "high functioning" the expectactations on them are too high and their challenges get set aside or completely ignored. Comments such as "You don't look Autistic enough" have been heard way too many times by Autistic Adults who have been labled as "high functioning."
When an Autistic Adults is labeled as "low functioning" there is a very cruel and damaging affect of presumed incompetence. This presumption is devastating to Autistic individuals and their caregivers. We also know that Autistic individuals with higher support needs are not competent at all.

I don't support, recommend, encourage nor promote the use of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy. It is my position that ABA therapy is abusive and harmful to Autistic individuals of all ages. The devastation of the abuses of ABA therapy last a lifetime and cause unnecessary suffering for Autistic individuals and their caregivers.

I don't accept interviews or sponsorships from people and/or organizations that claim that Autism can (or should be) "treated," "fixed," "cured," or "healed." This includes medical and medication trial studies.

I don't accept the discrimination of any Autistic person for any reason.

I don't accept the use of language on my shows or in email communications I may receive that can be considered vulgar, profane, violent or disrespectful.

I don't discuss one the show (or in email communications) politics, poltical parties, politicians or participate in political debates.

I don't have all the answers or solutions.
I am hosting this podcast to try to create conversations to help pave the way for a better future for Autistic Adults.