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October 2022

ADHD Awareness Month

Autistics with ADHD
Guest: Tas Kronby
October 2, 2022

In the DSM-5 in 2013 Attention Deficit Disorder Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) was added to the family of neurological developmental disorders.  Neurodiversity includes ADHD.  Many Autistics have ADHD.  What are the similarities and differences between Autism and ADHD? Tas Kronby will be back on Today's Autistic Moment to give their insights about Autistics who have ADHD.

The Intersection of Autism & ADHD
Guest: Peter Wharmby
October 16, 2022

Autistics and those with ADHD intersect as Neurodivergents.  We have issues with executive dysfunctioning, attention to detail and social challenges.  Peter Wharmby is a jounalist from the UK who is a passionate advocate in the movement for Neurodiversity.  Peter will join me to talk about this intersectionality to assist us with community organization and mutual support.

November 2022

Autistic Parents Raising Autistic Children
Guest: Nicky Collins
November 6, 2022

Here is a newsflash for those who don't know.  Autistic Parents raising Autistic Children do exist.  Many of the wonderful aspects about being Autistic can be incredibly helpful to Autistic Parents, but they can also add to their challenges socially and personally.  Nicky Collins and her wife are the parents of an Autistic Child.  Nicky and I are going to have an exciting and informative conversation about what being an Autistic Parent raising an Autistic Child is like.

Autistic Adults Are Not Children
Guest: Robert Allan Claus III
November 21, 2022

Autistic Adults are often stereotyped as children that just never matured properly.  Autistic Adults are often spoken to as if we are infants who just don't know better, or cannot do things or decide things for ourselves.  One result is Neurotypicals assuming that they know better than Autistic Adults who we are and/or what we need.  Robert Allan Claus III will join me to talk about why it is important that Autistic Adults be treated and spoken to as adults.

December 2022

Managing Holiday Stress
Guest: Becca Lory Hector
December 5, 2022

Holiday stress for Autistic Adults includes but is not limited to sensory input or even the social explosions that happen during this time of the year.  Holiday stress for Autistic Adults can also come from the pressures of holiday advertising, the pressure to purchase gifts and/or people assuming they know what an Autistic wants or needs for a gift.  There are very high social expectations that can trigger seasonal depression for many Autistic Adults.  Becca Lory Hector returns to Today's Autistic Moment to talk about how she manages her holiday stress and give other Autistics some tips about reducing their stress during this time of the year.

Communicating with Autistics: NT's Let Us Teach You Our Languages
Guests: Tas Kronby and Grace Ogden-Parker
December 19, 2022

Many Autistic Adults get unwelcomed lessons about how to "communicate appropriately" from Neurotypical people.  Contrary to what many Neurotypical people believe, Autistic Adults have our own language as to how we communicate ourselves to other people.  During this final episode of 2022, my guests and I are going to talk about the different ways Autistic Adults communicate with others around us.  Neurotypicals are welcome to listen and learn how we speak our own Autistic language. Please pay attention.

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