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AuSM Needs Your Help

The staff at The Autism Society of Minnesota (AuSM) arrived at the office on Tuesday, August 5th and discovered that the office was flooded.  A water pipe under a sink in the education room burst open.   The water flooded the education room, the main office hallway, the meeting room and several offices.  AuSM's office is closed indefinitely until they get the insurance worked out so they can have it repaired. In the meantime, in person classes will have to be offered virtually and the staff have to find other places to work while they work on the damage in the office.  It goes without saying that many of AuSM's staff are quite dysregulated.

The Autism Society of Minnesota has given me so much in terms of personal education and enthusiastic support for Today's Autistic Moment.  

I am asking my listeners to donate to AuSM to help them during this time of chaos.  Please tap or click on the button below and donate whatever you can to The Autism Society of Minnesota. Thank you so very much.  

Donate to AuSM for Flood Relief